Rx Gallery has closed its doors.
As of October 1st 2007 Rx Gallery no longer is open at the 132 Eddy Street address.

The gallery's founders are still active in the community. To keep informed please visit:

Since 1995, blasthaus has produced hundreds of exhibitions and events in San Francisco which manifest the convergence of art, technology and entertainment. World-renowned for championing contemporary creativity on an international scale within the electronic arts and music scene, the company has built a reputation for some of the most cutting-edge, tasteful and exciting cultural (and sub-cultural) happenings in the Bay Area.

Visit: blasthaus.com

San Francisco Photographer Gregory Cowley is renowned for his ethnographic photography of people from all over the world. He began his work in San Francisco working with photo imaging and technologies developed for the design industry. Since then, he has worked with a variety of technologies ranging from traditional arts to electronics and computer technologies. Starting in the early 1990's, Gregory has photographed in over 30 countries amassing a library of over 50,000 images. He specializes in photographing everything from editorial projects to dynamic advertising campaigns with clients including: Intel, Apple, Landor Associates, Ogilvy One, Motorola, IDEO and Macromedia. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Wired Magazine and in various galleries in the Bay Area and abroad. Besides his work as a photographer, he has succeeded as a distinguished graphic designer and creative director.

Visit: gregorycowley.com for Gregory's photo portfolio

Visit: cowleystudios.com for Gregory's portrait studio

Visit: gmotionstudios.com for Gregory's design and Flash development portfolio

Other resources:

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